Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Produk Kami

Welcome to our Blog " Sajik Enterprise "
This is our first try to operate this business
weed need support from y'all guys :)

Mini Bread puff is a new puff gradient from food company. This puff is under a new coming partnership company that is Sajik Enterprise. As it is a food product, each product has its own characteristics that make it differ from the other product that we produce, as we can say each of our product only have one of its kind on the world, this gives our product a very high quality and service value compared to other product. We in sajik promises our customer to give out the most quality product to ensure the brands development in the future. We hope to receive a feedback and recommendation from our customer to improve our productivity.

This is our logo company:

  Crew From Sajik Enterprise
Manager :-
Syafiq Amir
Administor Exe. :-
     Muhammad Khairul Syazwan
Marketing Exe. :-
Jefri Izuma
Operation Exe. :-
Mohammad Ifwat
Financial Exe. :-
Mohammad Azizi

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